Metal Detector for Treasure or Security

Sean, Jan 3, 2013

Finding treasure…or Security

Using a metal detector can be a great way to find treasures underground. Depending on the strength of your detector, you may find wonderful things just under the surface of the ground, in the sand, or among bushes and brush. Or, if you have a stronger detector, you may have to do some digging, but you could find real buried treasure. People have found rare coins, watches, cache, civil war relics, and jewelry, and other precious metals like copper using metal detectors. It’s sort of a hobbyist stereotype to see an old man walking on a beach with a detector in his hand, but it’s a stereotype for a reason. You really can find treasure in the sand.

Or maybe the real treasure is security. Everyone wants to feel safe, especially when they’re going to a government building, a school, or an airport. Metal detectors help security personnel and police officers discover a hidden firearm, a knife, or other object that can be used to harm people or destroy property. Some detectors can even find things like explosives, potential chemical weapons, or other harmful tools that can create mayhem.

You can also use garrett metal detectors to protect your merchandise. If you’re a retailer, and you sell small, valuable, easy to steal items such as jewelry, video games, and electronics, you can use a metal detector to keep your patrons honest. Using a security tag, you can have the detector programmed to stop anyone whose parcels contain an item of yours that is connected to the tag. This is a great way to keep shrinkage (costs of loss due to theft or faulty merchandise) down, which in turn keeps prices down and customers happy.

Garrett metal detectors come in many different forms and different levels of sophistication. The most popular one is Garrett Ace 250 Metal Detector They can be used by hobbyists to find treasures on local beaches, or they can be used by airports to find potential threats to security. They can also be used to find stolen merchandise before it makes it out of your store. No matter how you use your metal detector, it can really help you stay safe, secure, and solvent.

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